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FLOW the Label is a Cypriot womenswear label established in 2014 by sisters Veronika and Viktoriia. The girls are label’s mind and soul as both of them partake in all the key working processes, being owners, managers, creative directors and designers at the same time.
FLOW the Label keeps energetically expanding itself within the borders of European fashion industry, takes part in Paris Fashion Week events, UFW, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi, and keeps improving its strategies and global sales.
FLOW the Label is a wise mix of classic motives, often with a retro twist, and modern trends. Genteel, relaxed and very feminine simplicity of FLOW the Label’s refined style is enriched by the easy feel of signature designs, like garments with bright and ironic prints.
Collections are being executed only from the elite, mostly natural fabrics. Big amount of hand work and high team standards result in the very best quality of overall technical execution.
FLOW the Label aims to revive genuine femininity by giving it some new aspects relevant in modern fashion and social contexts. Fashion industry nowadays is often about androgyny, excessive experimental take and intentional ‘trendiness’ that all together create alluring image but look badly in real life. Fashion of that kind gives no harmony, has no attention for tender inner feelings of a woman and her real desires about own look. FLOW the Label’s designers try to solve this problem by making perfectly balanced clothes that truly correspond women’s needs in beauty, functionality and comfort, and stay reasonable and fashionable.
FLOW the Label woman FLOW the Label tells the story of a cool modern citizen who stays charming, intelligent and aesthetically sensitive regardless of her age. She’s successful yet not obsessed by her goals, clever yet not abstruse, active but not too much. In her style, manners and moves there’s an inherent harmony of a smooth river ow; that’s why the label is named FLOW. In business aspect, FLOW the Label’s target customer is a globalized young or mature woman with middle to high income who shops in high-end boutiques and concept stores.