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FLOW the Label
Pre-spring 2018

FLOW the Label Resort 2018 Designer Viktoria Balaniuk presents FLOW the Label’s new cruise collection inspired by a 1985 British romance film ‘A Room with a View’, and the costumes of Institute for Noble Ladies.

The movie is centered around the women’s common choice between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ man, or the healthy reason and the heart. It resulted in certain soft duality of the Resort 2018 heroine’s image. She’s aristocratic and pure at heart. But her innate emotional sincerity and natural sexuality can’t be restrained.

FLOW the Label’s Resort 2018 outfits are romantic and a bit reserved, yet at the same time flirtatious. Here, light and voluminous midi-skirts are accompanied by checkered ‘village’ tops with bare shoulders. Among the signature designs, there are collared crisp dresses with prints, FLOW’s iconic white bubbly blouses, and lush silk ruffles all around. The color palette is simple and includes mostly white and light blue. Art and cinematography are FLOW the Label’s traditional references. In previous seasons, designer Viktoria Balaniuk used to cite a 70’s movie ‘The Stepford Wives’, Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, paintings of French impressionist painter Eugene Boudin and other creative outputs.

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High-Waisted Ruffled Skirt

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High-Waisted Ruffled Skirt

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High-Waisted Ruffled Batiste Skirt

High-Waisted SkirtPRE-ORDER

High-Waisted Skirt